Valet & Bedrock

I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t get wp valet to work. It’s in my $PATH, I checked. I installed

$ wp package install aaemnnosttv/wp-cli-valet-command:^1.0

per the guide:

and i’m getting:

adm:valet dyn$ wp valet new my-project --project=bedrock
Warning: No WordPress install found. If the command ‘valet new my-project’ is in a plugin or theme, pass --path=path/to/wordpress.
Error: ‘valet’ is not a registered wp command. See ‘wp help’ for available commands.

I followed the guide to a tee. I’ve got brew services nginx, php, mysql all running on boot, and working fine.

Anyone have any suggestions?


System Software Overview:

  System Version: macOS 10.12.6 (16G1815)
  Kernel Version: Darwin 16.7.0
  Boot Volume: Macintosh HD
  Boot Mode: Normal
  Computer Name: adm
  User Name: dyn (dyn)
  Secure Virtual Memory: Enabled
  System Integrity Protection: Enabled
  Time since boot: 24 minutes
Error: ‘valet’ is not a registered wp command. See ‘wp help’ for available commands.

Perhaps try reloading your shell? Then check if the command is included in the subcommand list when your run wp help.

I had to do that and echo $PATH to confirm that it was actually at the end of my path in .bashrc.

It’s definitely there.

This is just a small portion of my echo $PATH:

adm:Desktop dyn$ ls /Users/dyn/.composer/vendor/bin
laravel php-parse psysh valet var-dump-server

Sure valet might be installed in your $PATH fine, but my question was in regards to identifying whether or not the aaemnnosttv/wp-cli-valet-command package for WP-CLI was installed as the error message indicates that it is not. Running wp help and then checking the subcommand list for valet will confirm that. Example output:

$ wp help
  Manage WordPress through the command-line.
  wp <command>
  valet               White-glove turn-key install services.    # ← confirm this exists

It’s definitely not in the command list, and I just followed the instructions on guide.

Strange. Does it display in the dependencies list in ~/.wp-cli/packages/composer.json? Are you able to install other third-party WP-CLI packages? You could try installing to test this.

That was it. There was no dependencies list in ~/.wp-cli/packages/composer.json .

I decided to bork ~/.wp-cli and update wp-cli to the latest. Of course, I wound up getting:

“WP-CLI ran out of memory.”

Funny, memory_limit = 512M didn’t work either, so I bumped it up to 1024 and w00t!

adm:~ dyn$ wp valet
usage: wp valet destroy [–yes]
or: wp valet new [–project=] [–in=] [–version=] [–locale=] [–db=] [–dbname=] [–dbuser=] [–dbpass=] [–dbprefix=] [–admin_user=] [–admin_password=] [–admin_email=] [–unsecure] [–portable]

See 'wp help valet ’ for more information on a specific command.

Thank you very much for the assistance!

Cheers m8,



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