Valet Share with Bedrock

I’m having troubles with valet share and the Bedrock / Sage installation out of the box. Bedrock seems to be working fine with a different theme, but as soon as I partner it with Sage 8.5.3, I get 301 redirects on the home page.

Note, turning permalinks off somewhat resolves fixes the issue, but I need permalinks. Has anyone had this issue?

Also note, I am not using valet secure.

Sage versus another WP theme should have no affect on a Valet & Bedrock setup

Does valet share work for you entirely on Bedrock without Sage?

Renamed thread to better reflect issue, this appears to be the best solution:

Trying this in a fresh Bedrock Sage 9 install, and the provided solution in the referred github issue doesn’t appear to be working for me.

Using the development url as WP_HOME value in the .env file, makes the URL’s absolute so css, images and js are not loading when viewing on an external device.


Changing the WP_HOME value to the ngrok url, returns errors in the browser.


iOS safari complains about too many redirects, Firefox also says it’s redirecting improperly.

In order to use the ngrok temporary URL, you have to turn pretty permalinks off in Wordpress’ settings. However, you can access sub-pages, it’s just the home page that experiences this redirect issue. It’s something to do with the template_redirect hook I think, although it’s been a while since I’ve looked at it.