Variables.less not updating with grunt watch?

Hi everyone, I’m just coming back to WordPress/Roots and am a little new to grunt/less.

I’ve setup everything fine, but I’m having one problem, which is when I am running “grunt watch” it seems to update for files like _header.less for instance, but not for files like “variables.less” in the bootstrap folder. It just doesn’t recognize that I have made a change to the LESS, until I run “grunt dev” and of course I would like it to auto update using grunt watch like the other less files.

How can I get Variables.less to automatically update like other less files using grunt watch/live reload.

Sorry if this is more of a workflow question. Thanks in advance.

First check this out:

If after reading that you still want grunt watch to monitor assets/vendor/bootstrap/less/variables.less then just add it to the list of files that grunt watch monitors:

Enjoy it while it lasts :wink:


Thanks so much, very helpful.