Video Tutorial for Setting Up Trellis and Deploying to Production

I recently created a video tutorial (with written counterpart) on setting up a new WordPress site from scratch and deploying it to a production server.

I wanted to post it here to try and help out anyone trying to get started with Trellis.

If you have questions, let me know. Thanks!


Thank you for the video, and the walkthrough notes on your site are invaluable too :slight_smile:

I’m glad you found it useful. Thanks for watching!

Thanks for your effort and for your time working on this video. A very good resource for wordpress developement.

Thanks so much! I’m glad you found it useful.

Would love a similar video on addding Sage to a Trellis and Bedrock configuration.

The password I set in the vault.yml file is not working when I try to log into my .dev site. Any idea why that would be?

You’re setting it in the same environment you’re deploying (e.g. development, production)?

If it has special characters, quote it. Otherwise, you may want to open your own topic on here for help.


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Jason, this was invaluable to this newbie! Much thanks for taking the time to create it. Absolutely stellar.

Thanks so much, @mchildress! I’m glad to hear it’s helpful.

Is there a compelling reason to set the dev vault.yml passwords to something other than the defaults? I usually just leave them since it’s only local. Love to hear your thoughts on why you recommend changing them.

The only reason would be if I plan to use WP Sync DB to push my local DB live. What I didn’t do in the video — that I should have done, given the loca-to-production push — was use ansible-vault to encrypt the development vault.yml.

If that’s not your workflow, however, then I don’t think there’s any need to change them from defaults.


@jlengstorf After using Sage for a long while now, I finally decided to make the jump and give Trellis and Bedrock a go. Your video was a great help in getting started, I seriously appreciate the time you took recording it and writing the post to go with it.

Glad to hear it! Trellis has been great for me, but I definitely struggled a bit when I first started; I figured this could be a way to give back to the Trellis community for saving me the huge amount of time it would have taken to figure out my own solution.

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@jlengstorf Thank you so much for the tutorial it is by far the best out there. I hit a snag when doing the git push. I get a syntax error in the vault.yml file such as :slight_smile:

The offending line appears to be:


^ here
Any idea what this could be?

Glad you enjoyed it! I’m not sure I understand the error, though — what command are you running when you get an error? Can you paste the full error message?

(Honestly, if you search the error message, I’m willing to bet the answer is already on this forum; the Trellis community is super helpful.)

@xu123 I can reproduce your issue if I mistakenly indent this line with vault_users (i.e., so its indentation level is the same as - name:). Please double check that your indentation matches the official repo. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please start a new thread instead of responding here.

Many thanks are in order for @jlengstorf

To All:

  • This thread is a great place to thank @jlengstorf or maybe to ask a question specific to his video.
  • Please put general support requests in a new thread.
    @jlengstorf’s decision to generously offer the video doesn’t sign him up for supporting Trellis and Roots generally.

Thanks @jlengstorf!


Thanks fullyint I solved it :slight_smile: now Im just receiving an error that I cannot access the host via ssh …mmmmm but I have all the keys set up…

Jason it is a very good tutorial…:slight_smile:

Yes I will put them up on support…sorry for the overlook…:slight_smile:

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