Vim with WordPress

Does someone use Vim with WordPress?
Because I’m using a plugin who give me some cool tools, and maybe I 'd like to create some autocomplete methods for Sage and Bedrock.
Which method associate with Sage can be useful?

I have some super power with this…

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I’m a full-time vim user but mostly use IntelliJ/PHPStorm when working with WP stuff. XDebug integration is too good.

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I rather prefer to stay in the terminal, I’m trying.
Do you have some info for the integration Vim in Phpstorm?
EDIT: I’m looking around, but the integration seems partial.
I’m the evangelist, no mouse for me.
PHPStorm has a lot of limitation.
I have already everything in Vim, debug, autocompletion, documentation, Terminal…
And more customization in Vim.
With the plugin WordPress, :wpcod to get the codex for the function.
or Wpsim to find a similar function…
I want some Salts: I do salts and tab, etc.

Thanks for that plugin! :wpcod sounds amazing. I’m all vim (though, macvim for most actual development, terminal vim for git, server tweaks…). Terminal works just as well for me for most things but I reallllly like CMD+S for saving and CMD+[num] for tab switching. One very nice sage/roots related feature of working with terminal vim inside of something like iTerm or tmux is being able to have a small split with gulp running. I’ve been meaning to dig into the Conque vim plugin (run a terminal session inside of a buffer) but haven’t yet.

I’ve been using GitHub’s Atom editor (with vim bindings) very occasionally for little things just for a change of pace and to see how they’re doing with it. It seems to be a thoroughly ‘modern’ and well thought out programmer’s editor. Like it took lots of smart stuff from vim and all of the innovation of textmate and combined it with modern web services. It’s really quite nice but I’m pretty hooked on the vijuice. Just looked now that I’m typing this and wow, looks to have quite a number of WordPress packages: Maybe I should give it more of an earnest go.

Also, Adobe Edge has a killer feature I open it for: split view SVG editing. A total marvel to me. Also supports vim bindings so I’m not totally stuck. :slight_smile:

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I love the scaffolding plugin too, they use wp-cli :wink:
So everything is ready to test the plugin too.

I have some trouble with the autocompletion for the hook, and you?

Funny you try Atom, I saw Sublime, is not maintained since 1 year, weird.
All those editor are so bored.

The most problem for is to remember all those tools, sometimes I forgot those exists.

if you use Iterm you can split your window and don’t really need the Mac integration, the mouse is integrated:
example mobile with Ionic and wpionic (WordPress integration with Ionic and Angularjs.
cmd+s, why you don’t map your leader?
leader+w to save
leader +q to quit
leader + s to quit
my .vimrc: