VPN + VVV Migration Q's

VVV has recently released a a major upgrade to 2.0 that adapts a similar .yml config approach as what Trellis uses. But in the current state of things, that change has had breaking impacts on VV Site Creation Tool which had support for Bedrock. All this has me re-evaluating Trellis again for local dev setup and a couple of re-intro questions.

  1. SOLVED Vagrant + VPN workarounds and Trellis specific fixes?
    Using any 192.168.anything IP for a vagrant environment with a Cisco AnyConnect VPN client is a non-starter. In VVV vagrant I can change the IP to before first provision and it is successful. With Trellis, the same change does not present any issues to the ansible playbooks completing, but attempts to access created domains do not resolve. If I have SSH’ed into the VM and do wget demo.dev the response is a WordPress landing page.

Any suggestions on what playbooks might not like the host to try as which I could reconfigure?

  1. How to destroy inactive / completed projects?
    VV has a remove command which will decommission nginx setup, Database, etc to keep the local VM clean. Is there a trellis playbook equivalent?

  2. Run dev.yml playbook for one site out of wordpress-sites - inventory file?
    Yes, I know ansible is idempotent which saves many a DevOps resource from fat-fingered mistakes, but I prefer to have the option of also being prescriptive. This is more ansible inventory / group_vars question than anything else… Is there a way I can run ansible_playbook dev.yml and specify that it should only execute one site from within the group_vars/development/wordpress_sites.yml file? So if I have setup a new site it will execute for just that project?

Missing port forwarding in vagrantfile (possibly Windows related)
config.vm.network “forwarded_port”, guest: 80, host: 80
config.vm.network “forwarded_port”, guest: 443, host: 443

Should they not be working on an update to the VV Site Creation Tool too? I see an issue has been opened on it all. As for the questions on Vagrant +| VPN workarounds, destroying of inactive projects have ansible_playbook dev.yml execute only one site I will let others leave answers here.

Do not know of an option to automatically remove old or finished projects on a box, never did any Vagrant + VPN stuff and as for a possible one site execution using a dev setup… I do not really understand what you meant by that really… You can run multiple sites on one box and that works well. You can also deploy to just one of those within one project when you would like to. Do think most here run one site per box though, but that is what think and may not be necessarily true.

Yes they should and are. My existing VVV instance is staying with the 1.4 version to be operational. I’m probably not alone that when something breaks / changes it gives me that extra bit of motivation to re-evaluate my tooling and the technology landscape related to process. I don’t imagine this is “Moveable Type license change” scale opportunity for Trellis to gain traction, but some timely migration blog posts could do wonders for others who wonder :slight_smile:

I’d be surprised if most people setup one VM / dev environment per site unless they have very unique requirements. Part of the benefits of Trellis is a common / standardized environment that would favour one VM / many sites option.

Definitely one site per dev environment here :slight_smile:

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