VPS on A Small Orange suitable for Bedrock/Sage?

Hi guys! I kind of stumbled upon Roots as I started helping my girlfriend with a bunch of her WordPress sites. Coming from a Rails and lately NodeJS/React background, I immediately fell in love – Bedrock with Capistrano, the new Sage v9 with Webpack 2 and ES6 … :heart_eyes:

However, I’m more of the front end guy and didn’t have a lot to do with the server side of things lately.
This weekend, “A Small Orange” offers a 85% discount with the “EPIC” coupon code on all products and I’m thinking about getting one of their Cloud VPS offers to finally be able to take full advantage of Bedrock.

Do you think that it is a good idea for someone not too familiar with the backend side of things?
Does “CentOS 6 Wordpress LEMP (PHP5.5 MySQL5.5)” sound good in your ears in regards to Bedrock/Trellis?
Does anyone here have experience with A Small Orange?

Howdy! If you’re going to use a VPS we highly recommend using Digital Ocean along with Trellis. Trellis would also take care of your deploys instead of needing Capistrano.

I have not heard the best things about A Small Orange’s hosting. PHP 5.5 is not appealing at all. You could use something like Laravel Forge if you don’t want to use Trellis.

Managed WordPress hosts are another option, but I believe most of them wouldn’t support a Bedrock structure.


Hi @ben, thanks so much for replying so fast!

I hear you! In the meantime, I have been reading reviews for A Small Orange and it seems the quality of servers and service really fell off during the last few years and their acquisition. I also stumbled upon someone saying that there’s no guaranteed uptime for VPS plans, and thus no refunds on downtime. 85% off was too nice to be truly “good”. :frowning:

Yes, I figured I don’t want to jump through all the hoops/over all the hurdles that potentially implies – during the past days I adopted the Sage 9 alpha build process (Webpack) to one of “our” WordPress installs that currently already is hosted on ASO, and started shivering when I saw that their local composer version was still a v1-beta.

So, Digital Ocean it is! Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it!

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Thanks again @ben – also for the gentle :grin: introduction to PHP 7!
Very happy to have found my way to Roots!