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WANTED: Front End Developers

Hey I’m looking for one or two freelance front-end developers that are familiar with the workflows found in Sage (and preferably Bedrock / Trellis as well–though not required).

Please direct message me if you have 25-35 hours per month of time to allocate to freelance projects.



Note to admins: would be great to have a category here for help wanted.

Once you commit to Roots its not easy to find people who are familiar with the workflow, and it is time consuming to train an existing dev on the process. Having a section where we could find devs who are already well versed in the process would be awesome. Just a thought.

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Already started work on a Roots job board :sunglasses:


Cheers, I’ve sent you a PM :slightly_smiling:

Roots Job Board sounds pretty awesome IMO :+1:


Hey, I’m interested. Can you provide more information?

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Hey, I’m interested too: