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Continuing the discussion from WANTED: Front End Developers:

Is there any official ‘roots stack’ jobs board? @ben mentioned one was being worked on.

If not is it Ok to post jobs offered/ looking to hire notices in these forums? (might as well shoot the fish already in the barrel!)

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Posted a teaser pic a few days ago

No ETA right now, so feel free to post on here in the meantime

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Great thanks - will do. Exciting stuff to get an official jobs space :slight_smile:

Checking in on progress with the job board. @ben, is this something you could use help with?

This project ended up soft launching and then it was soft killed — the app I wanted to use for the job board was a bit buggy and not something I was interested in maintaining and updating :sweat:

Feel free to post on Discourse. We could also add a category specifically for jobs :slight_smile:


Good to know. I’m new to the community but a category specifically for jobs sounds like a good idea.

I’d like to post an offer to when it’s ready :cowboy_hat_face:

Maybe /c/jobs could have child categories or tags?

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Like a contract offer or a full-time offer? #askingformyself

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contract; PM?

(20 chars)

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So selfish…

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Bidding war!

I am kidding I do not want to be in a bidding war.

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lol, I was kidding, and I am not looking for work. And I’m sure MWDelaney would be a great candidate

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