Wasn't Acorn suposed to be a framework for plugins?

From my understanding Acorn started as a framework to build your own plugins, but more Laravel alike. I’ve just saw the announcement for Acorn 2.0, but it seems to be more for theme developers.

Am I understanding it wrong? Is it still possible to have a plugin skeleton in a more Laravel alike structure using Acorn?

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Howdy @str! You might be thinking of Clover, our plugin boilerplate? We’re going to start resuming work on that project this year.

Acorn allows you to use Laravel components in plugins/WP in general

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I’m really looking forward to Clover.

That aside, I think I noticed the statement about Acorn starting out as a plugin skeleton. Quote from sage 10 release announcement:

Originally conceived of as a modern boilerplate for WordPress plugins, Acorn has morphed into something different but arguably much more useful