We are looking for freelancers

Hi all,

I’m a web developer at a marketing and advertising agency in Baltimore, Maryland and I’m currently leading the web department here. We are in need of freelancers, we use Sage on our projects, and it would be great to work with developers who are experienced and comfortable with Sage.

Our Projects vary in complexity and scope, but the bulk of the work we’re doing here is developing custom WordPress themes for our clients. Deployments are usually to shared hosting services of varying quality, so no Bedrock, no Trellis, but yes Sage.

We’ve got an immediate need for quotes on at least 2 projects (with mildly aggressive turn-around times) but aside from the projects it would also be great to network and build relationships with as many of you as possible as we’re a pretty busy shop.

All that said, if…

  • You’ve got some Sage based theme builds under your belt
  • You’re comfortable with version control
  • You’re handy with Advanced Custom Fields
  • You can build custom themes based off of a design file
  • You’re okay signing a VA and can provide us with a W9 prior to starting work

…please get in touch with us at Careers[at]AinsleyAgency[dot]com. Please add [freelance : Roots board] or something similar to the subject line.

No need to be formal, a little bit of info about yourself, your experience level, current work load, capacity, and best way to contact you would be great. A link to your GitHub and/or some relevant work would be great as well.

Currently we’re not able to work with vendors outside of the United States but this is something we are actively working on, so please feel free to reach out regardless.

Additionally, if you happen to be in the Baltimore / Washington DC area and you’re looking for a full time gig please check out our job posting here and get in touch. It’s on site but we may be willing to consider remote work for the right candidate.

Thanks so much for any interest!

Also, I wanted to mention that I reached out to Ben privately to get his okay before posting this message here. Ben, thanks a ton!