Weak WP perfomance on Vagrant

On dev environment I have really weak perfomance. When I put app on shared host, perfomance grow up a lot. How I can improve perfomance on dev VM? I suppose that my shared host can’t be more quck than my dev machine… maybe I lost something…

I see from another post you are using Windows as the host OS. I’m not sure what can be done specifically for Windows. I know using OS X and Linux, if you use NFS sharing rather than the built-in Virtualbox folder sharing, you get a big speed boost.

Maybe this can give you some things to try? http://www.vagrantup.com/blog/feature-preview-vagrant-1-5-hyperv.html

You can also try setting the number of CPU cores depending on how many you have. We have ways to automatically set it for Linux and OSX but otherwise it defaults to 2: https://github.com/roots/bedrock-ansible/blob/1876f78b9be6b0fbcdaa2d4dd3ddb32e03a6503d/Vagrantfile#L66-L70

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Thank you for thsi advice, looks promising will keep trying.

Maybe you can create a Vagrant Box for hyperv?
I mean that i can’t create my own and post it into you vbox rep. Maybe this hyperv vbox will be useful for others.