Web folder on a limited shared hosting

Hello! I’m new into Wordpress web developing with Roots (I’ve made a few websites in the past without good developer tools like this one, which is great), and I’m trying to configure a Bedrock based installation on a shared hosting with only a www folder. I’m not able to upload anything outside from this directory.

Thanks to this post FTP use and point domain to web folder w htaccess I’ve been able to access to example.com and get the /web folder without changing the url.

But I still have a problem. I can access to example.com/config/ manually (and the rest of the files outside /web) and if I want to go to the admin, I must write example.com/web/wp/wp-admin/, the example.com/wp/wp-admin/ URL gives a 404.

Is there any better workaround for this kind of installations?