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Web User Password for Sequel Remote Connection

Looking at the Trellis docs and also Trellis-cli code, it looks like I need to have configured an SSH password for the web user on the server.

Is that something that the case? Is that

  1. Not accurate
  2. Something I should do manually
  3. Something I should do via Trellis
  4. Built into Trellis


Could you do it with keys instead of a password?

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In theory. I would just leave the password field blank in Sequel Pro? Wait, it looks like my key is already there for the web user:

  - name: "{{ web_user }}"
      - "{{ web_group }}"
      - "{{ lookup('file', '~/.ssh/') }}"


Yes, if you provisioned the site from your machine, you should be able to connect with just a username (and Sequel Pro will provide your key automatically).

The error I’m getting when I try to connect that way is:

Used command:  /usr/bin/ssh -v -N -o ControlMaster=no -o \
ExitOnForwardFailure=yes -o ConnectTimeout=10 -o \
NumberOfPasswordPrompts=3 -o TCPKeepAlive=no -o \
ServerAliveInterval=60 -o ServerAliveCountMax=1 -p 22 \ -L 50297/

Bad local forwarding specification ' 50297/'

It was a Sequel Pro bug, combined with my inexperience with the feature.

Reinstalled Sequel Pro (update was failing) and working now. Thanks.

Sorry, man, I tried to dash off a quick answer without testing it.

This worked for me:

MySQL Host:
Username: root
Password: [ found in Trellis vault for the specific environment ]

SSH Host:
SSH User: web
SSH Key: [browse to your public key locally]

In case anyone else needs this info in the future!

Beautiful. Thank you. I didn’t need to even specify the SSH Key. Also hadn’t realized the “key” icon was a toggle button.

Yeah. Sequel Pro isn’t super famous for its UX.

In related news, apparently Sequel Ace is a maintained fork of Sequel Pro.

Or if you’re willing to pay for quality TablePlus is just gorgeous.

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