__webpack.hmr Error 404 not found

I am getting an error after setting up Sage locally:

Anyone came across this error before? New to these types of ecosystems, not sure where to look :slight_smile:

Can you provide some additional context? i.e.:

  • Describe the steps taken to get here (i.e. changes you made to the repo; yarn/npm commands run, etc).
  • What URL are you accessing the local site at?
  • What does the rest of your development environment look like?

I had a lot of issues installing Sage with Tailwind in the first place, got a lot of dependency errors. Found a lot of other users with similar issues with v9.0.10. Came across the following repo:

This solved all my issues. I installed this way:

  • Local environment runs with XAMPP
  • Installed WP
  • Installed Composer, Node.js and Yarn
  • Went through the steps explained here (knowler): Using Tailwind CSS with Sage 9 + Webpack
  • Ran yarn && yarn build and then yarn start

Hope this helps!

Also try out the Sage ā€œ9.2ā€ branch which can be used with composer-create:

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