We've Migrated from Gumroad to Easy Digital Downloads

Originally published at: https://roots.io/weve-migrated-from-gumroad-to-easy-digital-downloads/
When we began selling products on roots.io in the summer of 2013, we went with Gumroad since it was really easy to implement and had a great user buying experience. Gumroad is the perfect tool if you’re selling a single product by a single seller. In our case, we weren’t just selling products as "Roots".…


The section at the bottom about having to modify Batcache to get the EDD checkout pages to work properly is very useful. I’m going to need to do something similar as I’m planning on adding Batcache to a website using WooCommerce + Stripe

This is very interesting, i love how the checkout form now only has a few fields. I’m curious though, how have you removed all the other fields such as the “personal details” ones? How do you collect them without having the user to enter those information?

We’re using Stripe for payments and that’s all the personal information they required. You can see their own example here: https://stripe.com/checkout

I love how you simplified the checkout. Do you have any tips or tutorials on how do this ourselves with EDD?
Also would it possible to have this work alongside Paypal checkout? Thank you for the inspiration. Have an amazing day! :slight_smile:

We used filters for most of it - custom user info fields, a custom CC form, and removed billing details

Not sure about PayPal!

Thank you! I am very new to EDD so I will look into this. :slight_smile: If you ever decide to do an in depth tutorial please let us know. Hint Hint :wink: Thank you and have a good day good sir! :slight_smile:

The other feature that I like is how the checkout button reveals up from the bottom when something is added to the cart. Is this a plugin or something you created custom? :slight_smile:

All custom. Think we took inspiration from here: http://tympanus.net/Development/CheckoutConcepts/rounded.html