We've Migrated from Yoast SEO

After noticing Yoast was again churning incorrect description metatags after their last update I followed your path and converted a site to TSF. I confirm: it is really well done and seems to check all needs.
Note that there is an Extension plugin that seems useful, but only works on Trellis development environments, not on the production server. The menu link does not appear, and visiting the plugin configuration page at /wp/wp-admin/admin.php?page=theseoframework-extensions shows the infamous “Sorry, you do not have the rights to visit this page” message, although I’m using my Admin account.

Is there a way to solve this priviledge issue?

It should be solved in the next plugin update (see https://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-activated-but-does-not-appear-on-production-site/#post-8879897 )

2018-04-13 is this still valid?

Yes, we are still using The SEO Framework and recommend it

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Im stumped and want to move all our sites over from SEO but this doesnt seem to be possible and is a deal and website breaker for me ?

Has anyone managed to get this working so it replicates / mimics the custom title / description functionality ?

Interested to hear what others may have done to make it work

This isn’t really the right place to get support for The SEO Framework. Their docs cover how you can set titles and descriptions for any type of page/post/etc :slight_smile:

More support for WooCommerce by The SEO Framework would be an awesome feature!

Let the plugin author know! :slight_smile:

You mentioned that your codebase was short and you had to make some modifications as you were using filters and I posed the question thinking you may have been able to give your own advice on what you needed to tweak and for anyone that followed your lead to maybe shed some light on how they overcame any barriers.

Your post is noted and I will logout now ;0)