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We’re no longer running the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin on this site. We’d kept our Yoast SEO installation version at v2.3.5 and held off on updating the plugin after v3.0 was released at the end of November 2015. The large amount of bug reports and complaints since v3.0 were a big concern. Even with the…

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Joost de Valk, creator of Yoast, is responding to article here:

Glad I came across this article. Will others make the same jump? I’m actually thinking about it.

100% fewer advertisements. Let’s keep it that way.


this. this. this.

To save some time for adding with composer you need to use
composer require wpackagist-plugin/autodescription

That will add the SEO Framework plugin, seems like they renamed it in past so the search isn’t working well.

The other one is normal just
composer require wpackagist-plugin/google-sitemap-generator


Thanks for the help @darjanpanic, I was wondering why I couldn’t find it!

uh, am I missing something? That SEO converter doesn’t have Yoast in the list of plugins to convert data from.

ha, also SEO Framework isn’t on the list either…I’m not really sure how this SEO Converter tool is supposed to help?

For “from” field, please choose “WordPress SEO” and for “to” field, please choose “Genesis” theme. Please see https://wordpress.org/support/topic/easy-migration-from-yoast-seo?replies=7#post-7685896 for an explanation. I hope that helps.

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That is a very interesting conversation… Worth reading for sure.

Thanks for the link

We’re moving away from Yoast as well. The icing on the cake was when they took away the 301 redirects from the free plugin. The upselling and ads were super annoying too, although can’t blame them for that but the SEO Framework definitely is an improvement. Goodbye Yoast.

Just tried autodescription / SEO framework.

They don’t offer the flexibility for custom titles and descriptions like Yoast does so I’m not making the switch for now. Keeping an eye open…

It’s not accessible unless you’re a member of the Facebook group (I presume - or the post has been removed). Can you post the text?

There’s too much discussion to just copy and paste. The group is open to new members joining so feel free to join the group to see it.

I bailed on Facebook about 2 years ago, I’ve been really curious to see the discussion as well, but not curious enough to join Facebook again.


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Thanks for the post - definitely enough to pique my curiosity and give it a go on a client site.

I’m just curious which selection you choose for the “To” dropdown, as SEO Framework or Autodescription isn’t mentioned in there.

I also assume I’m correct in thinking that Wordpress SEO is Yoast SEO.

Thanks, looking forward to trying this out :slight_smile:

Thanks for that! I dould not find the package anywhere…

Nice overview of the two SEO plugins. It’s making me want to switch.
Has anyone used SmartCrawl by WPMU Dev? Wondering how it compares to Yoast and The SEO Framework (WordPress SEO).


Hi everyone,

I’ve installed The SEO Framework and It looks pretty strightforward, basically what Yoast used to be at its beginings. Really nice.

But I’m checking that for post and pages SOIL plugin is not aware of canonical tag of SEO Framework so it gets duplicated.

Anyone experiencing this? Maybe SOIL (clean-up module) has something to do with this problem, because it disappears when you comment it out.


Fixed on master:

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