What are these files for?

Lets make a list

File / needed by / description

  • .gitignore / git / put here whatever you want ignored forever when using git
  • README.md / github / this is what you read on project page in github.com
  • LICENSE.md / human law / this is needed by lawyers
  • CHANGELOG.md / project users / a log to remember what happened
  • CONTRIBUTING.md / project developers / A guide for those who want to help
  • package.json / node.js / needed when running ‘npm install’
  • composer.json / composer / needed to install sage as a composer package
  • bower.json / bower / sage depends on packages like ‘bootstrap-sass’, this is the package bower reads when running ‘bower install’
  • gulpfile.js / gulp / gulp needs this file to know what to do when ‘gulp watch’ or ‘gulp --production’
  • .bowerrc
  • .editorconfig
  • .jscsrc
  • .jshintrc
  • .travis.yml
  • ruleset.xml

Are you looking for information on the rest of the files you’ve listed that don’t have descriptions? You can find more information about those files by doing some Google searches