What blogs / RSS feeds do you subscribe to?

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I was inspired by Ben’s What’s New? thread to ask this question, to see what sites fellow devs out there subscribe to in their RSS feeds, to stay on top of things like new Jquery plugins, new WP tips and tricks, general website trends & topics etc?

I just set up a copy of Reader Self on my server and I’m wanting to fill it with lots of interesting news feeds :slight_smile: My question’s mainly about text based blogs and sites but if you also know of a good podcast (cough) or just something else geeky in general please share :slightly_smiling:

Some of the places I like to frequent are:

If you have an OPML feed to share too, even better! :+1:


Tbh these days I mostly just cruise GitHub and review interesting projects. Reading code is a great way to improve.

For JavaScript projects I have a chrome plugin that turns require statements into hyperlinks so you can easily explore deps.

I used to keep up with feeds but I rely on Twitter for the most part nowadays

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I use Panda and it shows you the news you can check each time you load a new tab etc. Some pretty nice things.

Second thing is newsletters:

Nice suggestions here :slight_smile: Yeah I am probably a bit stuck in the past with RSS feeds and it’s interesting to see how you guys keep up to date with the latest. Like Austin I stumble across lots of random stuff on Github and that keeps me fresh as well.

Oh and some these are also nice. Not all posts are usefull though but the acf group is really nice. https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/the-20-best-wordpress-facebook-groups-you-should-join

For general trends and topics http://news.ycombniator.com/ is good; there’s a weekly digest/newsletter at http://www.hackernewsletter.com/

Well, Roots Radio, of course!

+1 for Hacker News. Also, I read Ars Technica for general tech related stuff.

I joined Brian Krogsgards Post Status thing last year when it launched, so I get the regular newsletter, which is really well done.

He only blogs sporadically, so I often times forget to check it, but I love Jeff Atwoods blog, Coding Horror.

CSS Tricks and Codrops are great. WP Tavern of course.

And, these fall outside of the blogs / rss feed scope but FWIW, I also subscribe to PHP Architect and Net Mag. And, since I’m going wide here, I’ll mention Laracasts. I have a few online learning subscriptions, but Laracasts is just fantastic.

Those are the main ones for me. To be completely honest, I picked my music hobby back up around Christmas and since then I’ve been out of touch with tech stuff and have been completely obsessed with drum machines and synths and electronic music these days. When not at work I seem to be doing music related stuff lately. Good to have some balance I guess. :slightly_smiling:

Just stumbled across this epic list of developer blogs / resources in case anyone is interested… It’s a little “web 2.0” in there but some of the blogs are still current.


I built http://slackernews.io/ to compile and categorize Hacker News by week. Lots of great content submitted to HackerNews that was hard to find previously. Check it out and let me know what you think, I use it every day but would love to hear about your use-case.