What do you use for log monitoring (besides grep)?

Trying to find the best tool for log monitoring.

Preferably it would…

  • Be free, or very low cost (I know, I know; but I’m a penniless freelancer)
  • Combine entires by time across files (error & access shown together sorted by time)
  • Have powerful search and drill-down functionality
  • Send notifications about errors, anomalies, or intrusion attempts
  • Graphing, charts, text colorization & frequency analysis tools
  • Minimal setup and coordination time

I realize some of those latter things are probably not at a “free” tier, but I’d love to hear about all options!

I’ve tried GoAccess (LOVE it! So easy to set up and has very little to no performance impact or vulnerability to the server, but no support for error.log analysis :disappointed: ), loggly, and papertrail, but have been not entirely blown away yet… (if you have experience with any of those and have a hack I’m missing please chime in!)

Thanks, community :pray:!

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