What does "main" mean in manifest.json?

I’ve tried googling a ton of different stuff, but it’s such an ambiguous term, and the fact that it’s wrapped in quotes (which google interprets as something else) probably isn’t helping. Soo, what’s the deal with this "main": true thing in my manifest.json dependencies?

What will happen if i instead put "main": false or leave the line out entirely? Apparently there’s also "external": true, which means something else?

Any chance someone could shed some light on this stuff for me?

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This is linked from the Sage documentation where it talks about manifest.json:


Describes whether or not all of the bower dependencies will automatically be included in this Dependency. A Dependency MAY have a “main” property.


Describes whether or not the source (path.source) directory will be prepended to each glob in the “files” property. A Dependency MAY have an “external” property.