What does the roots ecosystem solve in WordPress?

I am very much aware of WordPress, edited theme files very long ago and know how to create a basic plugin which I did recently. I started getting into Laravel.

I came across roots in my Twitter feed an I was excited to know that it links with Laravel.

But what exactly is this roots ecosystem ? I can’t seem to find what problems roots solve using Laravel.

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Each Roots product solves a different problem, and not all of them will meet your needs as a developer. Broadly speaking:

Sage (Starter Theme)
Sage is a “starter theme”. It’s an extremely (extremely. No, more than that) bare-bones theme for WordPress with an efficient, Laravel-blade based templating system and a modern “development workflow” (compiler for Javascript and CSS). If you need a WordPress theme that doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles of Divi or whatever, Sage might be what you need, but you need to build everything yourself.

Bedrock (WordPress Boilerplate)
Bedrock is a framework for running WordPress in a subdirectory, more like a modern web app, and managing its “dependencies” (WordPress core, plugins, themes) with Composer. If you need to keep your WordPress site and its plugins in tight version control, Bedrock could be the solution for you.

Trellis (Provisioning and Deployment Scripts)
Trellis is a set of scripts (called “playbooks”) which:

  1. “Provision” (set up for the first time, or change configuration on) a brand new server to turn it into a very efficient, very secure web server designed for hosting a Bedrock-based WordPress website.
  2. “Deploy” (copy the files for) a Bedrock-based WordPress website from its home in version control (GitHub, or similar) to the provisioned server.

If your problem is quickly and efficiently creating and deploying code updates (updated plugin versions, changes to theme files) to WordPress sites, or if you need a way to consistently, repeatably create WordPress servers for your sites, Trellis may be your tool.


So radicle contains all of these : acorn, bedrock, sage, trellis ?

Radicle is different… Sage, Bedrock and Trellis were the three main things.

@MWDelaney did a really great job of explaining those. I will try to expand on it with some of the others.

I don’t have access to Radicle, so someone else may need to explain more, but it is like Sage with Bedrock but more closely integrated, so the Folder structure is completely different.

EDIT: I could have checked Radicle | Roots WordPress Stack it does have Trellis also. So you would get everything.

Acorn is also its own thing, but is a dependency of Sage and Radicle. It technically (I believe) does a lot of the heavy lifting in connecting Laravel, or extending Laravel within WordPress. From reading the docs recently it may even be possible to use it outside of the roots ecosystem for your own projects. It is a bit like Artisan for WordPress I think.

Then there is Bud, also a dependency of Sage and Radicle, but it is the build systems that is mostly Node. It also could be used outside of the roots ecosystem, in fact I think it already is ( I feel like with Drupal maybe ) Think something like Mix, Gulp, or Grunt.

And finally ( I think ) there is Clover which I don’t think is represented in any of the products, I may be really wrong here. but it was done early on, had been mostly experimental… got a deep freeze for a bit, then now has some examples. Is only available to supporters, and may be a bit half baked. But I think it shows some promise.


Radicle is a framework for using WordPress in a structure more traditionally Laravelesque. It has the power, ecosystem, and user-friendliness of the WordPress editor, plugin support, etc. while offering a different (some would say, improved) developer experience.


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