What files to upload?

Hi everybody,
Im wondering what files should i upload, if i use ftp ?

The advice for Sage 9 still applies: https://roots.io/docs/sage/9.x/deployment/#deploying-sage-via-ftp

There are also several threads dealing with what files to upload, if you use the Discourse search function.

Thank you @alwaysblank

I just wanted to add, that while yes you need to upload all(almost) files via FTP, when you do development, you don’t have to constantly re-build the files.

If you’ve edited SCSS, yes you need to compile it, and a few other things. However, if you’ve edited resources, you can just upload that without re-building it, and that way you reduce uploaded file size and its just faster.

I think Sage docs can be elaborated more on this, for those using FTP.

It’s best to always re-upload any file that is produced by the build process. The design intent of Sage is that each build represents a complete artifact and the whole thing should be uploaded. If you want to minimize the size of FTP uploads, I’d recommend looking at FTP software that will detect changed files and upload only those. Transmit can do this, for instance.

The Sage docs are open source, just like the rest of the stack, and we always welcome PRs to improve them: https://github.com/roots/docs/blob/docs/docs/sage/9.x/deployment.md

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Im actually concerned about the vendor folder, it contains more than 3000 files.
Any idea ?

I think mine contains like 4000 files lol Upload all of them except node_modules

If you have a good server(e.g digital ocean), it should take 5-10min max. If you have a bad server, prepare for it to take 45-60minutes to upload.

Like @alwaysblank said, use something like Transmit that can detect diffs between the local and remote files instead of upload everything on every ”deploy”.

That’s fine, thank you all :slight_smile:

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