What is the fastest way to test changes on staging site?

I have hosting with Kinsta. There are some instances when I would like to test website in some cross browser testing website. Obviously at such times I am fixing bugs or compatibility issues for different devices and browsers. For achieving this site must be “online” instead of accessible from localhost. The way I know is to deploy code to Kinsta using following command:

ansible-playbook deploy.yml -e env=staging -e site=example.com --limit=kinsta_staging

But it takes too much time to fix small issues because I need to test and fix and then test again. I hope you understand my question please let me know if something is not clear.

This is a good time to try out BrowserStack. You can test local or public sites in many different operating systems and browsers. I’d highly recommend it.

If have other devices on your local network, you could always point a domain on these devices to your system that runs the site.

Final option would be the lazy approach of directly modifying files on the staging site. I would not advise this option as you can easily lose track of the changes you’ve made.

I’ve been using Sizzy lately. I don’t know if its as comprehensive as BrowserStack but it’s much more affordable.

It does allow for you to add different browsers for different operating systems.

Thanks for this - I’d been looking at Polypane recently, but I hadn’t heard about Sizzy before now.

For different screen sizes there are also free browser extensions for this, such as:

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