What is the naming convention for the cached PHP files?


I was wondering how the cached files are named.

I ask because I’m trying to get Sage 10 to work with WP Engine and its multiple environments. I’ve created the following function (based on this), which changes the default cache path location to /tmp/sage-cache/environment-name/. Before that, I also ensure that each location exists and is writable. This has been successful as i can clear the contents of /tmp/sage-cache/ and everything gets rebuilt. However, I do get cached files appearing in /tmp/sage-cache/, they’re not effecting what is being rendered on screen but I’d like to know where these files are coming from. If I could work out how the files are named I might be able to find out which environment they’re coming from and why.

| Fix Sage 10 to work with WP Engine environments
| Override Acorn's view cache path to /tmp/sage-cache if the site
| is running on WP Engine environment.
| /tmp/sage-cache/framework/cache path should be present in WP Engine
| for Sage 10 to work.
| This is required for Sage 10 to work on WP Engine as the default
| view cache path is /<YourWordPressInstallRoot>/wp-content/cache/acorn/framework/views
| and with that default path, WP Engine doesn't allow PHP user to execute/write files in 
| that directory.
| filter ref: https://docs.roots.io/acorn/2.x/directory-structure/#advanced
| is_wpe ref: https://wpengine.com/support/determining-wp-engine-environment/

if (function_exists('is_wpe') && is_wpe() == 1) {
  // Define the directory path
  $dir_path = '/tmp/sage-cache/'. PWP_NAME .'/framework/cache';

  // Check if the directory exists
  if (!file_exists($dir_path)) {
    // Create the directory if it doesn't exist
    if (!mkdir($dir_path, 0777, true)) {
      if (defined('WP_DEBUG') && WP_DEBUG) {
         // If WP_DEBUG is enabled, log the error to the debug log
        error_log('Failed to create directory: ' . $dir_path);

  // Check if the directory is writable
  if (!is_writable($dir_path)) {
    // Make the directory writable if it's not already
    if (!chmod($dir_path, 0777)) {
      if (defined('WP_DEBUG') && WP_DEBUG) {
        // If WP_DEBUG is enabled, log the error to the debug log
        error_log('Failed to make directory writable: ' . $dir_path);

  //Changes the default cache path
  add_filter('acorn/paths.storage', function ($path) {
    return '/tmp/sage-cache/'. PWP_NAME .'';

Any help on this would be apricated

Edit: In the Illuminate Blade compiler there is this function that generates the path for a compiled view file:

Note that acorn 3.1.0 (current version) uses illuminate/view 9.47,
hence I linked to the function for 9.47.

In later releases of illuminate/view (as 10.7.1) the code for generating the file path actually has changed (https://github.com/illuminate/view/blob/81c2d4e35774714ccd53f3b8fba2afe7ee093609/Compilers/Compiler.php#L84)!
So you may want to call that function from the Illuminate\View\Compilers\Compiler class, and not just hard-copy its logic, to future-proof your code.

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