What is the purpose of the "web/app" folder


I’ve just finished an installation of Bedrock. Inside the “web” folder are the “app” folder and the “wp” folder. I don’t understand what part of coding is supposed to be done in the “app” folder, and which one is supposed to be done in the “wp” folder.

For example the “app/themes” folder: is this where the Sage theme should be put? Or is it supposed to be put in “wp/wp-content/themes”?

Find the Bedrock introduction here: https://roots.io/bedrock/

Basically the wp-content is renamed as app to give the better structure.

Follow this link for better understanding: WP Modern Structure

@tannakartikey has it right. Have a look at these links and let us know what questions remain.

Installation #4: Add theme(s) in web/app/themes as you would for a normal WordPress site.
bedrock README


wp/ is where the WordPress core lives.
– bedrock Folder Structure wiki

You can leave the wp/ directory alone because you don’t want to edit core files.


Yep, the awesome part of giving WP it’s own directory, but also changing the wp-content directory from the WP directory to a separate one, is WP is now completely separated from any of our code or plugins we install. No more intermingling of WP core files and our own files. Upgrades are much cleaner, and we don’t have to worry about deleting any of our own files.

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Thanks for those answers. One of those times when I wish I had read the doc more thoroughly before asking the question…

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