What is the recommended way to update to Wordpress beta?

Hi everyone,
I searched this discourse and also google with no luck.
Is there a recommended way for updating to a beta or in this case RC Version of Wordpress? I want to test my page with Wordpress 6.0-RC1. But simply setting the version in composer.json won’t work, because the package can’t be found (I guess).

I know I could download the files and use a private repository. But isn’t there a more convenient way?

Thanks for your answers.

Howdy! Here’s a link to an older feature request about this: Beta & Release Candidates Tags · Issue #20 · roots/wordpress · GitHub

We’re in the process of moving to a new packager for the roots/wordpress Composer package. See RFC: roots/wordpress package switching the "no-content" WordPress release · Issue #32 · roots/wordpress · GitHub and https://github.com/roots/wordpress-packager

You can give the new roots/wordpress-full package a shot: roots/wordpress-full - Packagist

It currently has 6.0-RC1 published

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