What location of error and php files in Vagrant box?

First I thought I would share that if you do as I have done and miss the part about:

“If there are spaces in the path, Ansible will fail” and then try to rename offending directories and Vagrant Up again, you will probably get error:

exports:5: path contains non-directory or non-existent components

This is because the /etc/exports file on your host machine still contains references to the old path. Fix it be removing the exports file:

 `sudo rm /etc/exports`

My question is what is the location of the error logs and wordpress files on the Vagrantbox?

I can successfully ping the dev url (http://mysite.dev) (I see that Vagrant adds the IP address to etc/hosts file.) Am getting Unable to connect error in the browser.

Looked in /var/log for logs but no refs to php (or nginx) there as far as I can tell.


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You’ll find some WordPress logs at /srv/www/example.com/logs (source) and some nginx logs at /var/log/nginx (source).

You should be able to access the dev site at example.dev in the browser. If the ansible provisioning via vagrant up has failed before for this particular VM, you may want to vagrant destroy the VM and do a fresh vagrant up. Maybe you already have.

If trouble persists, tell us a little more about your set up. Any changes to default Trellis? Are you running multiple Vagrant VMs? What’s your OS?


Ah! You are El Hombre! I need to read up on Vagrant. That’s what all those roles directories are for, aren’t they?

This is the only bedrock ansible instance on this computer, but there is another Vagrantbox that runs a VDD Drupal install. And it’s OSX running Mavericks.