Whats in your DEV and PM Stack?

I am curious what others have in their DEV Stack and PM Stack?

  1. DEV (development) Stack
  • What do you use for Security to check the website is secure?
  • What Loggers for error reporting, website uptime monitoring?
  • What processes and services do you use, such as CI/CD?
  1. PM (project management) Stack
  • What software or service(s) do you use to communicate and keep clients up to date and provide feedback on projects?
  • What do you use for the project management, development tickets, support tickets?

dev stack

  • Full Roots stack
  • InfiniteWP / WPVulnDB
  • Sentry
  • CircleCI for checks and deployments, Satis for Composer packages
  • Kinsta
  • Amazon S3 and Cloudfront

pm tools

  • Microsoft Teams for interal communication
  • Clickup for general tasks, project tasks (internal and client facing) and time tracking
  • Freshdesk for client support

Dev Stack

  • Bedrock & Sage on Cloudways PHPStack
  • WordFence for Security, and normally restrict wp-admin to ours and clients IP if possible
  • Uptime Robot

PM Tools

  • Basecamp 2 for Project Management & client support
  • Timeneye for time-tracking
  • Slack for internal comms
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Dev Stack

  • Bedrock & Sage
  • WordFence for Security
  • Sentry

PM Tools

  • Asana + Gitlab for task management. Gitlab tasks mainly used in development
  • Clockify for time-tracking
  • Slack for internal communication
  • Teamup for calendar management

Dev Stack

  • Full Roots stack
  • Satis(Press) for private composer packages
  • NixStats for Uptime and Server monitoring
  • WPVulnDB
  • Cloudflare

PM Tools

Nothing special

  • Asana for projects and planning
  • Toggl

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