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Quite. I like the .test variant, still short.


A move toward Vue.js seems imminent, no? I’ve been following this topic lightly (as in skimming headlines here and there), but it doesn’t seem like many large companies are showing major concern with the patent issues yet.


So this Flynt thing exists?. It theoretically covers use cases we’ve talked about around page builders and ACF alternatives thereto.

Only problem is that it’s not super clear what Flynt is? Or how it works?


Interesting approach though at first glance I see a lot of overhead for creating reusable components. Most probably not aimed at single developers like me anyhow (rather agencies maintaining X websites)…

I do see a lot of similarities to Gutenberg and am wondering how the two will play along once the new editor lands.


Something like Flynt (but for Sage 9) would be amazing! For ACF flexible content, maybe modifyField from https://github.com/StoutLogic/acf-builder/wiki/modifying-fields could be used to accomplish a similar “component” structure for custom fields and templates?


Anyone got a go-to “SEO Checker” website?


Something like this?


Mmm maybe something a bit more comprehensive than that. I’ve used http://seositecheckup.com but wondering what else is out there.


Not a website, but a paid app that is really helpful: https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/


Looks cool. How weird that it’s a desktop app tho.


:wave: I’m a Tech Lead at the company behind Flynt. Yeah it apears we suck a little at explaining it. Did you find the screencast I did? possibly helps a little.

It’s a bit long and you can hear the Berlin trams outside the window but it explains the process form a business and technical point of view.


So Bootstrap 4 Beta 2 drops support for Bower. Sage 8.5 will probably need some rework?


@gschoppe posted this the other day:

Disable Attachment Pages the WordPress Way

Which seems a lot more functional than my usual method of just pretending they don’t exist.

Thanks, Greg!


I loved this quote –

I can count on one finger the number of times I’ve thought “I’d like a dedicated page for every image on my site”.



Anyone else tried switching to VS Code? There’s a lot I like but not having the native Mac shortcut for moving the cursor to start or end of line is killing me.


Been using VS Code exclusively for a few months now. LOVE IT.

What’s wrong with cmd+arrow?


I’m just used to the native shortcut of option+up/down arrow…


https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/getstarted/keybindings :wink:


Whoa that gif is amazing. I completely missed being able to right click on the key binding to change it… FIXED


Amazing :slight_smile: