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On syntax podcast they talk about an extension that pretties up JavaScript every time you save a file. I sure could use something like that for Sass.

I’m trying out Sage 9 today and it’s a bit tedious to get thrown errors constantly about errant spaces and extra lines. I’d much rather the file just get reformatted automatically rather than get slapped on the wrist over and over!


That would be Prettier :sweat_smile:

VS Code implementation here: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=esbenp.prettier-vscode.

It explains it in the link above but you then add the following to your settings:

"editor.formatOnSave": true,
"prettier.eslintIntegration": true,

On save, you’re SCSS/JS file are cleaned up.

Might be worth a separate thread on VS Code.

EDIT: Ah. Also, for Style lint (SCSS), you need to use:

"prettier.stylelintIntegration": true,


Yoast SEO attachment to attached page redirection also seems to be a nice way.
The SEO framework is an open alternative to it.


On the rare-these-days occasion that I use a Windows machine I try to use cmd+arrow approximately five billion times a minute.


Or the ‘End’ (‘Pos1’) key :slight_smile:


Oh I didn’t realise Prettier did SCSS as well, thought it was purely for JS!

It doesn’t seem to cover all the errors being thrown by Sage 9 but does a damn lot of them. Amazing!


Thoughts on Tide?


My first thought: they’re crimping on Root’s style a bit with that logo!


My colleague at Pressbooks, @connerbw, made this over the weekend:

Also available via Composer (https://packagist.org/packages/connerbw/parsedownparty). It uses the new CodeMirror library in WordPress 4.9 for Markdown syntax highlighting. :+1:


nice!! love the default usage of CodeMirror :+1:


This looks neat


Just saw this: https://parceljs.org/



Chrome enforcing HTTPS by default on .dev domain extensions is now in effect! I’ve just provisioned for hours thinking there was something wrong with trellis :smiley: - don’t be me, use .test


I’ve been working on a WordPress plugin for code snippets, WP-Gistpen, and I’ve finally got it ready to be beta tested. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can find more information here or download the latest version from GitHub’s releases page.


DigitalOcean reduces its pricing!


For those who want to support Roots and get a $10 credit :wink: https://roots.io/r/digitalocean


Bah. I’d hoped they might match Vultr’s $2.50 tier to push them into offering more of them.


Impossible has happened:


bootstrap4 is out now!


Applying compression, removing metadata and reducing the number of colors to PNGs, JPGs, SVGs and GIFs is now one command away: typisttech/image-optimize-command

$ du -bsh /app/public/wp-content/uploads
3.1M	/app/public/wp-content/uploads

$ wp image-optimize run --limit=3
Success: 3 unoptimized attachment(s) found. Starting...

Start optimizing /app/public/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/source-150x150.gif
Using optimizer: `Spatie\ImageOptimizer\Optimizers\Gifsicle`
Executing `"gifsicle" -b -O3 '/app/public/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/source-150x150.gif'`


Success: 3 attachment(s) optimized

$ du -bsh /app/public/wp-content/uploads
2.8M	/app/public/wp-content/uploads

Update: Introductory post published: https://typist.tech/articles/easily-optimize-wordpress-images-using-wp-cli-and-some-binaries/


Neat and small Parallax effect.



Docker-based LAMP and MEAN stack for local Dev