When installing acf-composer, it does not bring the fix for acorn 4

I am trying to add acf-composer in a new sage project with the latest version of acorn.

when I install with composer require log1x/acf-composer it doesn’t bring this change: chore(deps): Fix Acorn 4.x support (#183) · Log1x/acf-composer@70d1731 · GitHub

it still brings use Roots\Acorn\ServiceProvider and gives me this error

cc: @Log1x @ben

Hi @codebybryan,

I think a release is pending. Try composer require log1x/acf-composer:dev-master

See: Needs update to work with Acorn 4.0 · Issue #190 · Log1x/acf-composer · GitHub

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sorry for the delay in a release. i haven’t felt good this week. :face_with_thermometer:

Thank u! :raised_hands: @talss89 @Log1x