Where do you host your Bedrock Sage 10 websites?

I have my Roots Bedrock Sage 10 website hosted on Siteground. Their servers are on php 7.4, they have aliased my website to be 8.2.12 but when I run php -v it says 7.4.3. The alias seems to mess things up. When I source the bash file that runs composer with 8.2 it causes a fatal error on my Bedrock sites.

I need a host that uses php 8 or above, not just as an alias. Anyone know of a good host?

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I typically use DigitalOcean with RunCloud for management and Envoyer for deployment.


As @Log1x said, Digital Ocean is always my first choice. I use ploi.io for deployment and server management. Ives used Linode in the past and never had any problems with them.

You can always use AWS if you hate your life and feel like torturing yourself.


I host my Bedrock/Trellis sites on Hetzner or Vultr. No problems.

Kinsta is very reliable for managed hosting of bedrock sites.

I also have a lot of clients who are using Siteground. I have to update the bash_profile so that php, wp, and composer are all aliased to the right version of php to effectively work with acorn. That being said, I haven’t tried 8.2 yet.

I recently starting using Ploi.io to manage some servers for Statamic sites and now I am attempting to use it for a Bedrock & Sage 10 project but I am having trouble finding any real good resources on how I may setup a deploy script to accomplish this. Has anyone else set up Bedrock with Ploi or a similar service that could help guide me?

Mostly DigitalOcean or AWS

Hetzner here, too.

Check out their auctions, which are basically decommissioned servers now up for grabs. Can’t beat them on pricing.