Where do you host your Bedrock site?

For those of you using Bedrock, I’m wondering where you’re hosting your Wordpress sites. I have a couple sites hosted in a couple different places with varying degrees of support but I’d like to move them all to one single place and I’d like to know what you’re currently using.

I’m currently on Digital Ocean and LiquidWeb, but I’m wondering if there’s any place that would manage support for a bedrock-ansible-esque server (Ubu14.04 + LEMP) but also manage the mail server, for example. I’d rather not be a developer + a sysadmin, if I can help it.

So: Where do you host your Bedrock site?

For us we hosted it in EC2, but not out of choice but client’s requirement. It’s practically vanilla bedrock with nothing much on it, so I’ll report any findings if there’s any weird stuffs (it’s on nginx so I’m sure I’ll stumble upon some stuffs when installing cache plugins etc). Our first weird problem was to disable relative urls because somehow that breaks our setup…

Digital Ocean and Linode are both great. Linode has their managed service that’s a good deal as well.

The tough part with some “managed” providers is that they may only support certain software/packages and even specific versions of them. So you have to look out for that.

Also I’d highly recommend not running your own mail server. It’s complicated and managed services like Mandrill, Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mailgun, etc are all amazing and not expensive.

Yeah, I absolutely don’t want to deal with a mail server. Those mail services are for email blasts or newsletters and such, correct? What do you use for like your domain email address, i.e. wswalkinshaw@roots.io or whathaveyou?

Those services are usually for transactional emails. Services like Mailchimp are better for newsletters. If you actually want email for yourself, then something like Google Apps.

Despite this being a very old thread, the original question is still good.

I am currently using Kinsta for hosting, their setup directly supports the roots stack which is very nice, their support is excellent in particular too, and fast.

However! I’m hoping to launch my WooCommerce based project in the coming months and one major issue I am having with Kinsta is the low number of PHP workers available. My $30 plan has just 2 php workers.

Right now I am testing out one of the heaviest features I will provide and it’s quite resource intensive. Upon checking the Kinsta analytics, I have hit the PHP worker threshold/limit 32 times in just 1 hour and the site hasn’t even launched yet, just me testing with an import products script of 4 products.

I’m now considering Linode. @swalkinshaw, are you still with Linode and still recommend them? I asked them how many php workers I could get with their $20 plan and their response:

As a rough calculation, the $20 4GB Linode can support a pm.max_children setting in PHP of about 42.

I’m trying to limit issues such as not enough resources early on. Kinsta’s 2 php workers simply wont be enough for regular traffic let alone the spike(s) when I am importing products too (woocommerce rest api batch create product endpoint).

All Roots projects have been hosted on Digital Ocean for years now without much issue. They are cheap and generally work great!