Where MAMP and VVV Fall Short

Originally published at: https://roots.io/where-mamp-and-vvv-fall-short/
Most people in the WordPress world probably get started off with MAMP or WAMP. The issue with that is that they can be extremely brittle, for one thing. You’re also tied to the versions of the software that MAMP pre-includes. They might upgrade to newer versions, such as PHP 5.6, but the problem is that…

Quick question. I’m currently using VVV and I’m quite happy with it. Does Trellis have anything like the vvv command to create/delete sites?

When I used bedrock-ansible I had to manually edit the config files every time I wanted to add a new site, which is one of the reasons I dropped it at the time.


We have preliminary plans for a trellis CLI tool which would have that feature. I guess we just don’t think of editing the config files as a big deal since it doesn’t happen too often. But we are trying to make everything more user friendly.