Where should I git init?

I’m trying my best to learn and improve as a developer, I’m a complete beginner to pretty much everything (sass, git, etc.) so apologies for what is an incredibly basic question but…

Where should I git init?

Before looking at Bedrock I have been getting used to git init’ing my themes for local version control.

I have setup Bedrock on my localhost. Now, do I git init the root bedrock folder AND my theme? Or just one or the other?

Thanks for any help!

If you’re also using Trellis you can reference https://github.com/roots/roots-example-project.com

It’s also okay to have your Bedrock based project with the theme in one repo. If you’re going to be using the same theme across multiple projects then you might consider putting it in its own repo.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for clearing that up - Not using Trellis yet… one step at a time… I’m still only using shared servers!

When you say “the same theme across multiple projects”, do you mean the same starter theme (like Sage)? I use the same theme to start projects, but they all change for each client.

I bought your Sage book by the way which was a big help and taught me loads. Thanks!

You can still use Trellis for your local development environment as a MAMP/WAMP/VVV/whatever replacement and not worry about the remote server side of things. If you choose to go down that route, the roots-example-project repo has the recommended folder setup

That’s an ideal workflow. We recommend keeping that custom theme in the same repo as your project/Bedrock install rather than putting it in its own repo.

Awesome! :blue_heart:

That’s good to know about Trellis, thanks! It might take me a little time to get there, I’m still just poking around, reading a lot, and slightly out of my comfort zone, but I’ll get there in the end!

Perfect - One repo it is! Thanks again for confirming. I realise its really basic but its quite a learning curve from where I am starting from. Sometimes what must seem really straight forward to seasoned devs feel like huge gaps in knowledge for beginners!