Where to find video tutorials or courses to learn Roots.io

Where are the best instructors for learning a proper workflow using all of the roots.io tools… I want to master Trellis, Bedrock, and Sage.

My skillset feels like it’s behind the “modern developer” curve… and I’ve only just begun to dabble with the terminal, repositories, version control, and tools like Ansible, Vagrant, Gulp… etc.

I’m plenty used to WordPress, installing themes, cowboy coding with FTP… basically everything that was keeping me relevant 5 years ago. I need to up my game.

As far as resources go on the roots.io site, I’m seeing 1 book (specifically about theme development, I need to start further back than that), 4 screencasts (some from 2013), and a handful of guides that seem to be application specific (I need more generalized instruction from the beginning.)

I’m looking for a well put together course or video tutorial series that covers the very basics of making the leap from Cowboy Coding to Roots.io proficient. Has anyone created such a resource?

Some guys have been making a few videos, but none cover the full scope of setting up local, dev, and production environments. These are good but I need more!

I’ve been through the written documentation for Trellis many times, following instructions… but continue to get hung up time after time. https://roots.io/trellis/docs/installing-trellis/

Is there a Udemy, CodeAcademy, or Skillshare style course our there I haven’t found yet?
Send me your best resources, please and thank you!

In my experience, the best way to learn Roots is to dive in.

I would invest in a couple of DO droplets and a copy of wp migrate dB pro.

Clone the example project and away you go.

It’s a pretty steep curve but not insurmountable.


I’m also looking for some video tutorials. All the one’s online are already out-dated.

I would gladly pay for a good video course on this.

@crbarnett, thanks for linking to my video! It’s really old though. That’s the problem I discovered when creating a video course to Roots. It updates so quickly that the video might be out of date within a month or two.

That’s why I created Bonsai LMS

It’s a Learning Management System built on Roots, that teaches you how to develop on Roots.

I’ve essentially snapshotted a version of Roots into it’s own repository so that I can have more control over the steps. Then I wrote scripts to automate the build of just about everything (pages, courses, forms, etc).

@jonbennett, it’s open source and free. If you want some of the masterclass content, it’s $5/m. Although, if you look hard enough on the website, you can find it all for free.

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@masoninthesis - wow, looks fantastic. Nice one

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