Who wants to be hired? (November 2022)

Please reply if you’re available for any sort of Roots-related work, including coaching/providing support to folks in the community.

Please use this format:

  • Available for coaching/support:
  • Location:
  • Roots projects with experience:
  • Technologies:
  • Website/GitHub/Resume:
  • Available for coaching/support: Yes
  • Location: Sweden
  • Roots projects with experience: 150+ projects using bedrock setup
  • Technologies: Bedrock and a little experience from Trellis.
  • Website/GitHub/Resume: https://digitalera.se


I would love to work with Roots/Sage-related work. I also can help with Sage 9 to Sage 10 conversions but it will be subject to the complexity of existing Sage 9 customizations.

Available for coaching/support: Available for support

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Roots projects with experience: 3 years of experience with Roots and Sage (Sage 9 and 10)

Recent projects: https://airportcars.com, https://mariadb.com

Technologies: PHP, jQuery, React js, HTML, CSS, WP Headless

GitHub: dhanukanuwan (Dhanuka Nuwan) · GitHub

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I’m open for maintenance, debugging and project work with Sage 9 and 10.

Available for coaching/support: Yes

Happy Holidays Season,

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