Who's running Sage on VIP?

I maintain a Sage 9 theme on a site that appears to be headed to VIP. I recognize there are more cost-efficient approaches to hosting but for a variety of reasons (including a steep discount) VIP seems to make sense for us.

The big question for me is how I’ll build, deploy, and manage plugins. I know this environment is fairly restrictive but the VIP engineers I’ve talked to seem eager to make exceptions if need be. I’m coming from hosting on WPE so I have some familiarity with tweaking Sage to fit managed hosting.

These are the deploy documents I’m working from. I imagine I can build the theme in CircleCI without too much trouble, and probably relocate the compiled Blade templates somewhere innocuous. I think using Blade directives should work in the VIP environment.

It looks like the VIP team wants to see plugins outside the WP plugin repo to get their own repos / deployment pipeline through the VIP workflow. I can’t think of any clever way to sync plugins via composer but VIP has support for the WP CLI so that’s an acceptable solution to me.

I think I might move some presentation-specific code from custom plugins to a php file that I require under src. It would be easier to keep under version control and if we ever leave VIP all I need to do is move that code back into a plugin.

Anything I might have missed? Tips and tricks from folks who run this setup? Please do PM if you’re not comfortable leaving info in public.


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