Why disable wp_cron?

I know that wp_cron is disabled by default in bedrock; can someone shed some light as to why? I know how to re-enable it, I’m just curious as to the reasoning behind it (what am I missing by disabling it, what risks is it mitigating, etc)?

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I believe the reasoning behind that is that wp_cron runs on page load, since it’s PHP based. That makes it unreliable as if you have something scheduled for 11:59pm but nothing hits your site until 8am, that task won’t run until then. It can also take a relatively long time to run as well, adding to someone’s page load time.

Ideally you should have an actual cron on the server you can use for regular tasks.

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Also, if the site is a high traffic one the wp-cron would check for scheduled task on every request thus wasting resources and probably slowing the system down.


That makes perfect sense, and I appreciate the clarification!