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Why Do We Use These Tools?

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If you think you don’t need tools like gulp and Composer, think again. Embrace them and you will be become better at your job. Last week I came across a thread in the Advanced WordPress group about Roots and Sage. One of the commenters said: That was exactly what drove me away from Roots, you…


I’ve been fortunate in being around Roots and it’s projects for a couple years now, but I do have to say that the majority of the tools I’ve learned because a Roots project started using them. Sage (then Roots) added Grunt, and I said “welp, okay”. Then was amazed by how awesome it was, and gave a talk about it at my local PHP Meetup.

It’s been the same way with the other projects, Composer I already knew about but hadn’t actively used in any projects yet. Had given Puppet and Chef tries before but couldn’t fully grokk them. Ansible has been a welcome addition and it’s pretty easy to jump into.

I say, if it seems intimidating, take it one at a time, learn some nerdish… we are web developers, after all.


I only started to do quality sites after i started using Roots as i should. I would swap teh nerdy word to learning curve as that is the thing you need to figure out when starting fresh and then learn one tool at a time. It took me couple of projects to start using them all together and everything is a breeze now and i can’t go back to any other workflow.

The only thing for starters is that you need your own personal project or a sandbox project with no time limit to start learning the Roots workflow, you will fail couple of times, you will start the project from scratch to clean up the mess of learning.

If you intend to use it for a client without any knowledge of the tools and you have a set deadline there may be problems and the time pressure will hurt you.


I pretty much gravitated to Sage because of its tooling.