Why does Roots (Soil) use Relative URLs?

Not really workflow related, but couldn’t think of a better category.

I was reading into the whole absolute urls compared to relative, as I have a ton of widgets that have urls embedded in them.

I can’t find any pro relative url readings anywhere, yet Roots has a whole separate plugin dedicated just to that. Mind enlightening me?

Just so you know you don’t have to pick a category if your topic doesn’t fit in one :wink: - I think it’s fine in workflow though!

Here’s a link that’s also in the top of the documentation of soil/modules/relative-urls.php: http://www.456bereastreet.com/archive/201010/how_to_make_wordpress_urls_root_relative/

Does that help? I personally like it mostly for the portability reason, but those other reasons are good too. If you don’t like them you can easily turn off using the remove_theme_support hook.