Why is my theme reset on deploy?

I don’t have any local changes that aren’t committed and pushed to my repo. However, after each deploy, my selected theme resets on the production server that I deploy to.

When I see the list of themes, the theme I had been using is a checkered missing image. I then click to activate and customize it, and then everything is back to normal again except for that I have to re-add any widgets I had added. FWIW, the theme is a child theme of another theme.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

What version of Trellis do you have?

There was a fix a while ago which might be the reason: https://github.com/roots/trellis/commit/009c8d672437a8bedeaa501730ad3338a09d68f9

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That does look suspiciously similar to what I am experiencing. I am not sure how to know what version I am using? However, I do know that I cloned the trellis repo on Jan 7, which looks like it is after this change was committed on Dec 29.

I have not yet tried a Trellis upgrade.

when i try to just apply this fix, my deploy process will stop at:

< TASK [deploy : Reload php-fpm] >

i am running trellis 0.9.7.
are there more dependencies to this fix?

I had this problem after updating Trellis locally. I solved it by (backing up my database and uploads and…) destroying and reprovisioning my server and redeploying (and reimporting my database and uploading my uploads).

There might be a simpler way but I was in a rush and the “burn it all down and start over” method seemed the most likely to fix it.