Why is Trellis now failing new/existing projects?

I’m on Ubuntu 20.04. I’ve numerous existing projects over the last couple years and those continue to work fine. However, if I restore a project from a repo or try to start a new project I get the same failure at this point of provisioning the development environment:

TASK [wordpress-install : Install WP] ******************************************
System info:
  Ansible 2.10.16; Vagrant 2.2.6; Linux
  Trellis 1.12.0: January 3rd, 2022
non-zero return code
Error: Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which
is required by WordPress.

I haven’t changed anything about my configuration. Why might I be getting this error?

I’m also a bit confused. Is this a missing mysql extension on my laptop or on the provisioned development vagrant machine? I thought it was the latter, but I also happen to have php-mysql and all the other things necessary to run WP on the laptop as well though so far as I know.

I also restored an existing project from a github repo to another laptop with a brand new Ubuntu 20.04 installation and got the same error along with also cannot create new projects either.

Anyone know what could be wrong?

I’m doing a trellis new example.com && cd example.com && trellis up. Has it been so long that I’ve missed something obvious?

Much thanks to anyone in advance.

This has been fixed in Disable `install_recommends` for php packages by swalkinshaw · Pull Request #1355 · roots/trellis · GitHub but a new version hasn’t been released yet.

You can use trellis new --trellis-version dev example.com for now to fetch the latest dev/master version.


Ah, ok, much thanks. I thought I was losing my marbles!

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