Why the outdated version of Blade? (Illuminate/Support)

I’m new to Sage and the roots community! Liking it a lot so far!

I have a question which I can’t find an answer to!
Is there any good reason (I assume there is) for illuminate/support to be stuck at (the old) v5.6?

Would be cool to have the cool new Blade component syntax from Laravel 7!

Don’t mean this in a negative way, just didn’t manage to find an answer.
Thanks for your hard work, everyone involved!

Kind regards

Sage 10 is on 6.8 and will be upgraded to 7.

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Thank you!

I think I went to the GitHub repo, switched to 10-dev branch, saw this message:

Sage 10 is in active development and is currently in alpha. The master branch tracks Sage 10 development. If you want a stable version, use the latest Sage 9 release.

Then I switched back to master and opened composer.json and saw v5.6…

Looking forward to v10!! Any ETA?

Not at the moment as I’m a little swamped personally – but I know a good chunk of us use Sage 10 in production. I’d give it a go.

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I’ll keep an eye on the repo and see if I can help out with anything! :+1:

https://github.com/roots/acorn is where the action is.

feel free to test


I’m getting an error while testing:

ErrorException: Undefined variable: title (View: [...]\web\app\themes\pcnn-theme\resources\views\partials\page-header.blade.php)

I merged my laravel-7 branch. If you pull down a fresh Sage 10 you should be good.

Thanks, it’s working now :+1:

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