Woocommerce and Roots Theme

Hey guys! I’m looking through the old Google Groups forums, and some stuff on SO, and I can’t seem to find a definitive answer on how to use WooCommerce with Roots.

I am unable to edit archive-product.php or other WooCommerce related files.

Please assist.

What do you mean by unable to edit the files? Have you tried following the instructions at http://docs.woothemes.com/document/third-party-custom-theme-compatibility/?

ps. We’re working on a blog post that’ll cover Roots + WooCommerce, wish it was ready for you now… should be ready for when we launch

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Yes, I’ve followed the instructions to the T. Or so I thought. I look forward to that blog post. When I say I’m unable to edit the files, I mean that I could completely comment out every line in archive-product.php or content-product-cat.php; and the code from the plugin directory itself will show instead of the code I have in the theme folder.

I’m possibly missing something, been on IRC with Woo, and they said they don’t support Roots out of the box because we use a different theme wrapper than they support.

I had that issue when working on a site but I don’t have the source with me right now. I can check it later after I’m done at the office and hopefully get back to you with a solution. Getting ready to head out of town tomorrow so I might not have a chance, but it’s definitely possible to have a good integration with WooCommerce + Roots.

I appreciate it. I’ll look forward to your response. Fingers crossed it’s for today, as I’m flying out of town tomorrow as well. Any chance you’re going to Ohio?

Nope, going to Colorado :smile:

Just tested this on a fresh install of Roots/Woocommerce. Copying the archive-product.php file from the WooCommerce plugin folder to the Roots folder (and making changes) works fine for me.

Make sure that you are editing the correct file for the view that you are testing, maybe start with something more simple like single-product.php.

This is without changing any files at all? No removing headers and footers and making custom woocommerce files?

So, trying out a fresh install. It really is as simple as installing Roots, installing WooCommerce, then copying files over to roots directory. I had to go in and remove WooCommerce’s call for their footer, header and their sidebar as it wasn’t needed in my project.

Everything seems to work well though. I was over thinking it. Thanks!

Sounds like what I have done in the past. Glad to hear you are sorted.

I’m going to be developing a site using Roots and WooCommerce in a few weeks so a tutorial would be awesome. I did make it work a few months back for a test website but I can’t remember how I did it! There were certainly a few tweaks I had to make!

For anyone else banging their head up against the wall trying to figure out if the tutorial was ever created, it’s here: http://roots.io/using-woocommerce-with-roots/

Make sure to check out @iagdotme’s first comment re: adding theme support for WooCommerce!

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I saw this in my search for integrating the 2 together in additional to the blog post on the roots stie:


Is this a viable alternative?

I am currently testing this option in a rebuild of a website and have yet to run into an issue.

I will keep posted as to the final results.