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Hi there,

I am in the midst of setting up a WooCommerce project and the client has specific needs regarding the organization of categories & taxonomies (product attributes) – it should be possible to combine categories (f.ex. “shoes”) with any number of taxonomies (f.ex. “leather” and “women”) in order to dynamically create landing pages with matching URLs (/women-leather-shoes).

We are thus looking for someone with experience in this field who can guide us accordingly and maybe develop a custom solution / plugin if need be – this doesn’t concern the actual Sage / Bedrock / Trellis implementation but any support going forward would also be appreciated and possible.

Please send along references / projects you have worked on.

Looking forward to your feedback!


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Why not just create the landing pages as WordPress pages with the exact slug you want and then pull in the specific products you want based on a custom shortcode or block that allows you to pass the specific categories and taxonomies to filter by?

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Hey Andrew,

tanks for getting back! That’s totally doable for a set number of landing pages but the idea behind the dynamic generation is to easily cater for a large number of possible combinations – we don’t want to do that manually…

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