WooCommerce Import Path

I am not sure if this relates to the roots set up, this is why I’ve put this question in ‘General’.

On my roots.io set up I have WooCommerce installed, when I try to import the sample data (Tools - Import - Product Import) it fails with:

Error message: “Invalid file type. The importer supports CSV and TXT file formats.”
Many threads online have related this to WooCommerce not finding the file in the path it looks for it normally, therefore I used this filter to disable it briefly:

add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_csv_importer_check_import_file_path', '__return_false' );

The file is CSV for certain, re-saved multiple times and also tried other sample data files too. With the filter in place, it goes through fine.

Therefore, wondering if anyone knows if a filter is needed when using roots and WooCommerce to make sure it knows where the import file path is?

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