Woocommerce Integration with generoi/sage-woocommerce

Is there a way to use the extension generoi/sage-woocommerce without acord commands? I’m stuck on learning how to use acorn on local enviroment.

Here is the package link: https://github.com/generoi/sage-woocommerce

And the steps asking for acorn commands:

Add the package to the cached package manifest.

wp acorn package:discover

Publish the required single-product.blade.php and archive-product.blade.php views.

wp acorn vendor:publish --tag="WooCommerce Templates"

Optionally publish a commented out app/wc-template-hooks.php file for customizing the WC template hooks.

wp acorn vendor:publish --tag="WooCommerce Template Hook Overrides"

It’s possible by manually adding the service provider from the config/ directory, which isn’t published/included by default at this time.

  1. Add config/app.php to your theme directory
  2. In that file under Package Service Providers, add: Genero\Sage\WooCommerce\WooCommerceServiceProvider::class